Accounting & Payroll


Our Bookkeepers & Payroll Administrators have extensive knowledge in Pastel, Sage, Xero & Quickbooks and assist on-site or remotely.

(Please see 'Services' for detailed duties)

Financials & Income Tax


Our Accountants have extensive knowledge in all Financial Statement software and drafting. We service not just Corporate Tax but also Personal Income Tax.

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Our MISSION is to be part of our client's support system by providing accurate financial information about their business so they can make management decisions to reach their business goals. Our clients have to feel satisfied and special. We will assist all our clients to achieve their goals as well as grow, protect and maximise their wealth in today's challenging economic environment.


Our VISION is to be reliable, be available when a client needs help and to stay connected to our clients. Give our clients the peace of mind they deserve :

- By always providing the highest level of professional accounting and any tax service

- By delivering all services with integrity and honesty

- By always meeting our commitments


Our VALUE is taking pride in the quality of our work and to support any business, big or small with no exception to Indivuals.

PHOTO (Left to Right): Marie & Christiaan

- Christiaan is our specialist in all registrations and WCA & CIPC compliance

- Marie assists with all admin correspondence

PHOTO (Left to Right): Janine, Alicia & Sallyann

- Sallyann & Alicia are our VAT specialists & bookkeepers

- Janine is our Payroll Administrator for all businesses

PHOTO (Left to Right): Susan & Johan Weilbach

- Johan Weilbach is our Management & Tax Consulting Specialist

- Reception is covered by Susan

PHOTO (Left to Right): Belinda, Patricia & Justine

- Patricia & Justine are our Accountants specializing in Management/Financial Statements & Corporate Tax

- Belinda is our specialist in Corporate & Individual Tax

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Financials & Income Tax

Company Registrations

Business Management & Tax Consulting



All our staff in all departments are readily available by appointment to assist with all your business & tax matters.

What we offer


- Monthly Bookkeeping

- Financial & Management Accounting

- Payroll Management

- Personal & Corporate Tax

- All Registrations : CIPC, SARS & Labour related

- Submission & Tax Compliance : VAT, PAYE, Income Tax, Annual Returns & WCA Returns

- Business Management & Tax Consulting

Origin of GreyBach


Mr Johan Weilbach & Mrs Susan Weilbach started the accounting business from home in 2007. As word of mouth spread, the business started to grow at a rapid speed within the first 6 months. Mr Weilbach had to expand the business & his daughter, Mrs Belinda Greyling & son-in-law, Mr Christiaan Greyling joined the team, and the Weilbach & Greyling journey started.  The team then became the GreyBach team.

Professional team

Our services

Financial Services & Accounting


Company Registrations & Tax Consulting


Our Consultants assist with New Company Registrations & all CIPC; WCA; COID; RMA & SARS services.

(Please see 'Services' for detailed duties)




Thank you to everyone standing together during this very challenging and difficult 2020. It has been a blessing to see how everyone was able to stand together.

We pray that you and your family will have a safe and festive season.

Please note: Our offices are closed from Monday, 21 December 2020 and

will reopen on Monday, 11 January 2021.